Diablo 3 Malthael: Location, How To Beat, Drops, and Quest Walkthrough

Diablo 3 narrates the story of the Nephalem, a warrior on a never-ending fight against the forces of the Burning Hell. While the demonic hordes coming from hell will present different shapes and forms, some of them are significantly stronger leaders in this hellish army, demanding a harder effort if you want to defeat them in battle. Today we will talk about the final boss fight in Act 5, Malthael, the Reaper of Souls.

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Who is Malthael in Diablo 3?

Malthael is a renegade angel and the former leader of the Angiris Council. Once upon a time, he was called the Archangel of Wisdom, but nowadays he holds the title of the Angel of Death. After the destruction of the Worldstone, Malthael abandoned the council and embraced madness, devoid of any hope for the future of humanity and the High Heavens' role in it.

After Tyrael took on the aspect of Wisdom, Malthael reappeared as the aspect of Death, taking advantage of the current situation and leading his Reapers against Westmarch. It falls on the hands of the Nephalem to stop this corrupt plan that is soon to be completed.

Where Is Malthael In Diablo 3

Malthael is the main antagonist of the expansion of Diablo III, Reaper of Souls, and the final boss of Act V. Defeating him in the quest "Angel of Death" ends the storyline of the expansion and the overall story of Diablo 3. At the end of the Pandemonium Fortress, you will reach the Heart of the Fortress, where Malthael will be waiting for you.

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How Do You Kill Malthael in Diablo 3?

Once the fight starts, Malthael will use the following moves in battle:

  • Charge attack: Malthael does a charging attack that causes knockback and inflicts low damage. While this technique isn't too harmful per se, it can kick you into Death Shrouds, making it fairly annoying.
  • Drain Soul: A ring appears around Malthael, causing heavy damage to anyone inside.
  • Death Shrouds: Malthael will summon clouds of mist that move slowly and cause heavy Cold damage if you pass through them.

Phase 1 Exclusive Abilities

  • Soul Nova: Malthael goes back to the center of the platform, and he releases a swarm of glowing blobs toward the platform's edge. While this attack goes on, you will suffer from a freezing debuff.

Phase 2 Exclusive Abilities

  • Skull Spiral: Malthael invokes several souls at the edge of the arena. These will spiral toward the center and then fly toward the edges, inflicting high damage to you if you don't evade them.
  • Summoning: Malthael summons two Exorcist minions that can inflict serious damage and teleport around. However, they do drop Health Globes after dying.

Phase 3 Exclusive Abilities

  • Soul Sweep: Malthael goes back to the center of the platform, where he will release a group of five red waves of flame, creating a stream of fire that inflicts great damage. Right afterward, two lines of projectiles will show up around him and fly out in all directions except behind him. Keep that in mind because they inflict serious damage.

Malthael's fight will involve a bit of every strategy in the past bosses of the game. You need to keep moving while minding your positioning, hitting Malthael as much as you can without letting him inflict you too much damage. Killing the minions can help to replenish HP quickly, but you need to pay attention to the Soul Sweep because you can easily die because of it. Be careful, hit hard, and you can defeat the Reaper of Souls.

Diablo 3 Malthael - Drops

Malthael drops a guaranteed Reaper's Wraps recipe and one legendary item in Campaign mode.

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