Diablo 3 Iskatu: Location, How To Beat, Drops, and Quest Walkthrough

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Diablo 3 narrates the story of the Nephalem, a warrior on an endless crusade against the forces of Hell that will take them even to the High Heavens, to prevent the End of Days. While your demonic enemies come in different shapes and forms, some of them are significantly stronger, demanding a harder effort from you to defeat them in battle. Today we will talk about the first boss fight in Act 4, Iskatu, Minion of Diablo.

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Who is Iskatu in Diablo 3?

Once a powerful general of hell during the Eternal Conflict, Iskatu fights amongst the demons Diablo summons as he invades the High Heavens. One of his arms is missing due to a fight eons ago against Imperius, who cut his limb and the Pandemonium Loop in it, but that doesn't make him any less deadly.

Where Is Iskatu In Diablo 3

Iskatu appears in the Vestibule of Light in Act IV of Diablo III, which happens shortly after the beginning of the act. As you reach this area, Diablo will prompt him to engage you in battle, after which he will show up and the battle will start.

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How Do You Kill Iskatu in Diablo 3?

Once the fight starts, Iskatu will use the following moves in battle:

  • Shadow Vermin Summoning: Iskatu will summon Shadow Vermin spawns, which will immediately attack you. These can be easily killed since they're not really strong.
  • Desecration: Iskatu will summon circles of fire that deal Fire damage while you're standing in them.
  • Meteor: Throughout the fight, Iskatu will summon down Meteors dealing damage to players that are standing within its impact point. Simply move away from the red circles that clue the player in on where the meteors will land.

In all honesty, this fight won't last long enough to get difficult. It serves as a climactic battle ahead of what's coming in act IV, and as long as you evade the Desecration circles and the Meteors you shouldn't get in trouble. Just hit him as much as you can and you'll defeat him in no time.

Diablo 3 Iskatu - Drops

Iskatu has no special drops in this fight.

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