Bungie Vaulting Destiny 2’s Forsaken Campaign & Tangled Shore For Witch Queen Release in 2022

Bungie has announced that the Forsaken campaign and The Tangled Shore destination in Destiny 2 will be removed from the game effective next year.

As seen on their official website (thanks VG247), the Forsaken campaign and The Tangled Shore destination will both enter the Destiny Content Vault (DCV), though The Dreaming City destination will still be available moving forwards. Their statement reads as:

"Beginning on February 22, the Forsaken campaign and the Tangled Shore destination will enter the DCV (Note: The Dreaming City destination will continue to be available), along with Year 4 Seasonal content, including the Presage and Harbinger Exotic missions. We understand the unique value of these definitively Destiny experiences and are investigating ways to reprise and create new exciting Exotic special missions within Destiny 2 for the future."

Their initiative to make this move comes from the release of new content. Bungie would like to give way to The Witch Queen expansion and its new Throne World destination which will also be released on February 22 of the next year. The Presage and Harbinger Exotic missions will also be moved to the DCV which are all Year 4 Seasonal content.

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Bungie Removes The Forsaken Campaign And Tangled Shore From Destiny 2

Though as a way of compensating things around, the Forsaken campaign will be free beginning December 7 until the release of The Witch Queen. The new Forsaken Pack was also announced by Bungie to also arrive the same day which contains content such as The Last Wish raid, the Shattered Throne dungeon, and all Forsaken exotics.

Destiny 2 is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia platforms. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates.

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