Destiny 2 Witch Queen Will Not Add A New Subclass, Bungie Details Void 3.0 Changes

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Destiny 2's Season of the Lost kicked off the long march to The Witch Queen expansion earlier this week, but Bungie's latest blog post has revealed some surprising news.

Despite feeling like the perfect opportunity for a new Darkness-based subclass (a la Stasis, introduced in last year's Beyond Light), The Witch Queen will not add a further subclass.


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Destiny 2 Witch Queen Will Not Add A New Subclass, Bungie Details Void 3.0 Changes

"There will be no new darkness subclass with The Witch Queen or through year 5. We made the call to refocus ourselves on Light subclasses this year," the post reads.

As for Stasis, fans shouldn't expect any further Aspects or Fragments for the ice-based subclass either, at least not in Season of the Lost.


Instead, Bungie is leaning into bringing Light subclasses (that's the Arc, Void and Solar abilities we've been wielding since 2014) up to the same standard as Stasis. That means more customisability, with each class getting its own Aspects and Fragments - and Void is up first.

Image from Destiny 2 showing a Sentinel Guardian unleashing a Void shield throw at a Cabal enemy.

"We’re taking the subclasses you know and love and remixing them," gameplay designer Samuel Dunn explains.

"That means adding new abilities and mechanics, ditching some old ones where it makes sense to do so, and spreading out existing ones to create enticing new combinations. Our hope is to retain playstyles you know and love today and to create some exciting new ones you didn’t even know you wanted."


The team is looking to preserve existing power fantasies, allow for build-crafting possibilities, and "set up a framework for the systemic integration of the damage type into the rest of the game", just like Stasis verbs like Slow, Freeze and Shatter have made their way to weapons.

To that end, there are three debuffs that'll be tied to Void (Suppression, Weaken, Volatile), as well as three buffs (Void Overshield, Invisibility, Devour), and if you're interested in how these will fit into Void subclasses I'd recommend checking out the blog post.