Destiny 2 Witch Queen: The Big Questions

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Destiny 2's Season of the Lost kicked off with a bang, with Bungie detailing plenty about the upcoming Witch Queen expansion.

A new weapon type, a new destination, and new Lucent Hive are all coming, but there are still just as many questions as answers. Here are the ones still itching at my mind a couple of days on from the big reveal.


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Weapon Crafting

When introducing the new weapon type, the Glaive, Bungie noted that we'd be crafting it as part of the Witch Queen.

Going forward, players will be able to level weapons up and craft new ones. It's an extension of recent Exotics with farmable rolls, like Hawkmoon, but how it'll work is anyone's guess.

Will levelling weapons increase their Power Level so we don't need to infuse them anymore? Will this allow us to farm better perk rolls without having to endlessly replay activities? And how much will crafting cost, both in terms of time and materials?

After all, we finally got transmog - but it was far from an ideal system.

Also, is that the Khvostov?

Image from Destiny 2's Witch Queen reveal showing a Guardian holding an auto rifle


While it wasn't mentioned in The Witch Queen reveal stream, rumours persist about a new damage type like Stasis, which was added in Beyond Light.

We're certainly hopeful, but just as interesting for longtime players will be the addition of Void subclass Aspects. These allow for subclass customisation in a way we've seen with Stasis.

Will we get a new subclass? What Void aspects can we expect? And how will we earn them?

UPDATE: Bungie has confirmed that no, there won't be a new subclass coming with Witch Queen (or throughout Year 5), and has confirmed some Void 3.0 details.

Old Chicago

Despite it looking pretty nailed-on that we'd be visiting the creepy Old Chicago location, it looks like we'll be heading into the new Throne World location instead.


Even the game's initial reveal trailer makes it look as though Savathun is projecting a swampy image of sorts (think Thanos with the Reality Stone). Could she be conjuring multiple locations? It's a tantalising prospect, and could give us a peek at other destinations from Destiny lore in snippets.

The Value Proposition

This might be the biggest question for Destiny newcomers. The game is free to play, sure but its base version is lacking in content following the removal of a huge amount of activities and locations with the Destiny Content Vault.

If you jump in now, you'll want to pick up Forsaken, Shadowkeep and Beyond Light to catch yourself up, plus the season pass for Season of the Lost.

Witch Queen will add a new campaign, raid, and six-player activity along with new gear to chase, but it's $40. If you buy the Deluxe Edition for $80, you'll end up with an additional exotic and season passes, but you'll also get two bonus Dungeons in Year 5.

Then there's the $100 version that includes the Bungie 30th Anniversary content, which will add a further Dungeon, a series of cosmetics, and Gjallarhorn.


$100 for a year's worth of content is a pretty standard price to pay for Destiny fans at this point, but newcomers may not be so forgiving. If you're hooked, then it's an obvious purchase, but given the number of purchasable microtransactions already in Destiny 2, it feels like we really need some more content added to the New Light expansion.

Will Bungie vault Forsaken? Or will they make it free? Here's hoping for the latter.