Lumina Destiny 2 quest: How to get the exotic hand cannon

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A new era’s coming to Destiny 2 in Beyond Light — fresh subclasses, another console generation, new players discovering the game on Xbox Game Pass. It’s a great time to be getting into Bungie’s big MMO shooter.

If you’re trying to hunt down some exotic weapons to fill out your collection before the new expansion hits, you probably want to add Lumina to your list. It’s a gorgeous variation on the Destiny 2 Thorn hand cannon.


Like the Thorn, kills with the Lumina leave behind “Remnants” in the air. Collecting these pickups grant Noble Rounds, which you can hipfire at allies to heal them — as well as sharing a brief weapon-damage buff.

The following exotic quests will be changed when Beyond Light launches on November 10: Sturm, MIDA Multi-Tool, Rat King, Legend of Acrius, Sleeper Simulant, Polaris Lance, Worldline Zero, Ace of Spades, the Last Word, Le Monarque, Jotunn, Izanagi’s Burden, Thorn, Lumina, Truth, Bad Juju.

“None of these legacy exotics are being retired from Destiny 2,” Bungie clarified in an August 2020 blog post. “Their original acquisition journeys are simply entering the DCV alongside their supporting destination and activity content.”

For now, here’s how to get your hands on the Lumina.

A fateful gift

To get started on your quest for the Lumina, fly to the EDZ, head north from Trostland, and enter the Salt Mines.


In the far-right corner of the room — near the lift from the Red War story campaign — you’ll find a gray-and-orange teleporter of Fallen origin. Stand on the circular blue base and hold the interact button (X, square, etc.) to “transmat.”

Head uphill past a series of Fallen Dregs until you reach a sort of energy shield gating off the path. Sneak around to the left, and you’ll find another narrow pathway along the cliff. Follow that.

Look for the remains of a campfire; you should be able to interact with it to “sift through the ashes.” You’ll activate the quest “A Fateful Gift” here.

System positioning device

In a nearby silver chest, you’ll also find a “System Positioning Device.”

“Identify the location of the original Thorn using your system positioning device,” the first quest step reads. Find the device in your inventory, hover your cursor over it, and you’ll be given a description for a treasure-chest location.

This location will change frequently, so you’ll want to check the “device” often. Consult the YouTube video below to find specific locations; each one is marked with a time stamp in the video’s description.


Bearer of evils past

“Neutralize the Thorn’s intrinsic darkness with the strength of your Light,” says the next step.

It wants you to generate 250 Orbs of Light. The easiest way to do this is probably to head to a public arena like the Blind Well, Reckoning, or Menagerie. Cause some mayhem alongside your fellow Guardians, picking up Orbs, dropping your super on enemies to generate more Orbs, and so on.

The more Guardians in your vicinity, the faster this’ll go.

Rose, revealed

Check your inventory for a hand cannon called the Rose.

You’ll now have several different, separate quest steps. Completing the purple ones will grant the Rose perks you typically find on legendary weapons.


Those steps include the following: Complete a Night with a score of at least 50,000. Finish encounters at the Blind Well, at any of the Black Armory forges, or in Escalation Protocol. And defeat multiple enemies in a row without reloading.

Fireteam leader

Once you’ve completed those last three steps, you’ll have a new objective: “Complete activities throughout the solar system with Rose equipped. Fighting in a fireteam with other Rose wielders grants the most efficient progress.”

So this is exotic is a good one to grind for in a fireteam, if possible. You might use this opportunity to try out a third-party LFG (“looking-for-ground”) app; there’s one built right into Xbox Live, for example. Just be clear about what quest you’re doing and which step you’re on.

Strength in numbers

“Defeat Guardians with hand cannons as a team, generate Orbs of Light for fellow Guardians, and defeat invaders in Gambit before they have killed any of your teammates,” the next step reads.

For the second and third parts of this step, you must have a hand cannon equipped in order for your Orbs of Light and invader kills to count.



Make sure that you have Rose equipped, then load into the normal “Will of the Thousands” strike on Mars.

Throughout the strike, you’ll find purple crystals floating in the environment. Shoot and destroy 11 of these with the Rose before kill Xol and completing the mission.

Once Xol is slain, your equipped Rose will become the Lumina.