Destiny 2: How to Score 100,000 Points in Nightfall

Scoring 100,000 points in Destiny 2 Nightfall strikes is a lengthy process, even though the strikes themselves are fairly straightforward. Nightfall strikes are regular strikes with a score counter, and they've got modifiers that makes this prime PvE activity more difficult at higher levels.

But there's a reason you'll want to persevere through these higher levels. The higher your score in Destiny 2 Nightfall, the better the loot. In fact, some of the weekly challenges in the Nightfall activity require you to push into the higher levels.

The first weekly challenge tasks you with achieving an overall score of 100,000 in multiple Nightfall runs. The second weekly challenge requires you to achieve an overall score of 100,000 in one single run.

The first challenge is fairly easy to complete so long as you have time to play multiple Nightfall strikes in one week. It's the second one that makes things difficult.

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How to Score 100k Points in Nightfall

You will have to attempt this challenge on Legend or Master difficulty level. The score multipliers that you see here are good enough to help you achieve that score. That's also where the main problems begin.

Matchmaking is turned off at both of these levels, so you will have to have a fireteam of three Guardians before you can start the Nightstrike.

The power levels for both these difficulty levels is set at 1320 and 1350 respectively. Make sure you reach those power levels before you can start running through the Nightfall playlist.

Make sure you have a proper look at the modifiers and sort your loadout accordingly. Your equipment is locked at the very beginning of this activity on Legend and Master levels, so there's no chance to change anything.

After you've gotten all that in order, there is another small thing that you'll need to take care of: You need to complete the entire activity within a set time limit of 20 minutes.

It's not that the activity will end if you don't manage to finish it by then. Once you cross the 20 minute mark, you will start losing points, so even if you did score around 100k points at some point during the activity, you'll start losing those points if you take too long.

It's a tough challenge and one you might need to repeat a few times, but it's worth it in the end.

Happy hunting, Guardian!

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