Destiny 2: How to Get the Lorentz Driver Catalyst and What Does It Do?

The Lorentz Driver in Destiny 2 is a new fusion rifle that arrived with Season of the Lost. It was far from the only weapon introduced, but what makes this one special is it's an exotic rifle and one you won't want to miss.

There's only one way you can get the Lorentz Driver, and that's through the Season Pass. If you've purchased the Season Pass, the Lorentz Driver will unlock for you immediately

If you're on the free version of the Season Pass in Destiny 2, though, you will have to grind until level 35 before you can get the Lorentz Driver.

Now, once you've obtained the Lorentz Driver, here's how you get the catalyst, a special item that grants the Driver a special attachment that grants the rifle a new perk.

How to Get the Lorentz Driver Catalyst in Destiny 2

In order to get the catalyst, you need to head to the Tower and talk to Banshee-44, your resident gunsmith. Banshee-44 will automatically give you a quest for the catalyst: Revision 7.2.2.

Once you've gotten the quest, there are three steps that you need to complete. The first and second steps have three challenges each. The final step has no challenge specifically, so it's the easiest step of the process.

Lorentz Driver Catalyst Step 1

  • Defeat 50 challenging combatants
  • Defeat 50 enemy Guardians
  • Defeat 15 Champions/High-Value Targets

For these three challenges, you don't really need to use the Lorentz Driver. You can use any weapon you want to, in order to complete these steps.

You could head over into Gambit and try completing these challenges. It's going to be a grind, but this is one of the easier ways to finish phase one.

Lorentz Driver Catalyst Step 2

  • Generate 200 Calibration data
  • Defeat 50 enemy Guardians
  • Defeat 100 combatants

For this one, you need to use the Lorentz Driver specifically or they won't track. Crucible matches, Gambits, and Nightfall are good choices for clearing these tasks. Also note that Guardians and Combatants are counted separately.

Lorentz Driver Catalyst Step 3

Once you've done the two steps above, you need to go visit Banshee-44. He'll hand you the catalyst for the Lorentz Driver.

However, it's not ready for use just yet. You'll have to get 400 kills with it if you want to completely Masterwork the weapon. It sounds a bit rough, but it's worth the effort.

What Does the Lorentz Driver Catalyst Do?

The catalyst, once active, increases the range at which the radar marks random enemies for Guardians to collect the telemetries necessary to activate the Lagrangian Sight buff.

Moreover, it also enhances the EM Anomalies that the weapon generates. Earlier, it used to generate EM Anomalies with precision hits only. Now, non-precision hits will also be able to generate EM Anomalies.

And finally, every time you pick up telemetries, the Langarian Sight buff timer will replenish in Destiny 2. Pretty savvy in my opinion.

Have fun melting enemies with this weapon, Guardian!

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