Destiny 2 Best Hive Farm Locations

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No one really knows where the Hive came from. And their origin story is as shaky as it gets. This race is pretty old, and is known for its ferocity.

That being said, the Hive are predominantly found on the Moon amongst other places. They've got their own set of Gods who they follow. One of their gods, Savathuun, has right now, taken refuge with Queen Mara Sov, while her sister, Xivu Arath, is out hunting who knows what.

Here's our own guide on where you can find and kill the Hive.

Where to Find Hive in Destiny 2?

As mentioned before, the Hive are predominantly found on the Moon amongst other places in the Sol. They're always up to some weird ritual or the other.

Most importantly, the Hive can be really hard to kill at times if you don't have the right set of weapons.

What is the Best Strike To Farm Hive Kills In Destiny 2?

Once again, there are two definite strikes that you can hop into, in order to get your daily fill of Hive kills. The first one is known as The Scarlet Keep. This strike is located on the Moon, and is full of Hive enemies.

Alternatively, you could also head into the strike known as The Disgraced, where you face off against the Hive Wizard Navota.

Where Is The Best Place To Farm Hive On the Moon?

The Hive on the Moon found their way after the Shadowkeep expansion went live. The Hive on the Moon look slightly different when compared to the Hive that you see on the other destinations.

That being said, there isn't a specific location on the Moon for you to farm for Hive kills because they're located everywhere!

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Where Is The Best Place To Farm Hive On Dreaming City?

The Hive seem to be battling it out with the Taken at the Dreaming City. You could land at Divalian Mists and end up encountering a group of Hive fighting the Taken.

Where Is The Best Place To Farm Hive On Tangled Shore?

If you want to kill some Hive on the Tangled Shore, you need to make your way to Soriks Cut. Once there, head into the Lost Sector in this region and you should get your hands on some Hive.

Alternatively, you could also head to the Jetsam of Saturn, and wait for the Public Event that begins there. This should be enough for you to rake up some Hive kills.

And that's it. These are all the places where you can actually find the Hive in Destiny 2. Hope you have a nice time using them for target practice Guardian! Good luck.

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