Destiny 2 Best Fallen Farm Locations

Credit: Destiny 2

Credit: Destiny 2

The Fallen are a scavenger race in Destiny 2. They collect whatever they can and then end up building some elaborate machines out of it.

Now, not all Fallen are bad. Some are good as well. Essentially, they're known as the Eliksni. And surprisingly enough, the House of Light has taken refuge within the Last City itself.

The entire Beyond Light campaign was based on combating the Stasis subclass that the Fallen were wielding. But that's behind us now,

Where to Find Fallen in Destiny 2?

The Fallen are one such race in Destiny 2 that you are more likely to find in abundance. From the EDZ to Europa to the Cosmodrome, the Fallen race can quite literally be found on almost all the locations in Destiny 2.

The best way to farm Fallen kills is by heading into the Widows Walk Lost Sector. In order to find this lost sector, land at Trostland in the EDZ and you'll be able to find it there.

What is the Best Strike To Farm Fallen Kills In Destiny 2?

There are two specific strikes that are really good for you to farm for those Fallen kills. The first one happens to be The Devil's Lair. This strike can be found in the Cosmodrome.

The other strike happens to be the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Both these strikes have hoards of Fallen enemies so farming for those kills should not be that difficult.

Where Is The Best Place To Farm Fallen On EDZ?

The Fallen are technically located all over the EDZ barring a few nooks and crannies. The best way to farm for Fallen kills on the EDZ would be by landing at Trostland and clearing out the surrounding area.

There are a few Lost Sectors in this region as well that you might want to clear out. These Lost Sectors are filled with Fallen as well.

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Where Is The Best Place To Farm Fallen On the Cosmodrome?

The Cosmodrome is an interesting little place. It was added to the world of Destiny 2 fairly recently. And this is another place where you will be able to pick of Fallen enemies effectively.

Head over to the area known as The Divide, and you'll have a steady supply of Fallen to clean your hands on.

Where Is The Best Place To Farm Fallen On Tangled Shore?

It's not too difficult to find Fallen on the Tangled Shore. All you need to do is land at Thieves Landing. And you'll see hoards of Fallen roaming around the area.

However, do be vary of your Fallen associates as well. There are a few Fallen guards who work for the Spider. They can also be found here, and they will assist you in battle.

Where Is The Best Place To Farm Fallen On Europa?

Europa is a planet that is mainly dominated by the Vex. However, you can't really count the Fallen out here as well.

You will find a good amount of Fallen near Cadmus Ridge. You can also find a good amount of Fallen foot soldiers near the Eventide Ruins area.

And that's it. These are all the places where you can actually find the Fallen in Destiny 2. Hope you have a nice time using them for target practice Guardian! Good luck.

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