Bungie Clarifies Destiny 2 Season 14 XP

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer XP is a bit different from what Destiny fans are used to with the past two seasons, but there's no Destiny 2 Season 14 XP glitch. It's intentional, and Bungie recently clarified what’s changed and why in a new blog post.

What’s new for Season 14 XP is that Bungie changed the naming for different XP payouts and introduced a few new categories, which even Bungie admitted is confusing.

Here’s how it stands now:

Destiny 2 Season 14 XP

  • Extra Large XP = 0.5 Season Pass rank
  • x2 Extra Large XP = Season 13 XP = 1 Season Pass rank
  • x4 Extra Large XP = Season 13 Double XP = 2 Season Pass ranks
  • x8 Extra Large XP = Season 13 4x XP = 4 Season Pass ranks

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Bungie Clarifies Destiny 2 Season 14 XP

The changes stem from a bug back in Season 12 where XP bonuses didn’t carry over into Season 13, and Season 13 XP payouts were bigger than expected.

Bungie didn't address the issue then and let players benefit from the additional rewards and didn't discuss the change in relation to the Extra Large XP announcement.

It resulted in some confusion for Destiny 2 players.

"The reason we moved to this new naming convention was to better highlight that the XP payouts from challenges were larger than from other bounties and activities that show XP as a reward," Bungie said. "We did not clearly explain this change, nor was the new naming convention easy to understand."

A future patch will clarify the naming convention, but Bungie said the best way to earn XP is still through completing Seasonal Challenges.

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[Source: Bungie]

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