Destiny 2 Cross Play Beta: How To Play Cross-Platform With PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Stadia

Season of the Splicer is here, and it certainly kicked off with a bang when Bungie accidentally enabled crossplay.

That got fans excited, and in the latest Bungie blog post, the developer confirmed that a cross play beta is coming next week. Here's how you can get involved.

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Destiny 2 Cross Play Beta Start Date

The beta kicks off on May 25 and will run through to May 27.

While a time hasn't been revealed, it's a safe bet it'll coincide with the weekly reset at 6 PM BST.

Destiny 2 Cross Play Beta: How To Play

If you're looking to jump in, it's pretty simple.

Whichever platform you're on, you'll be able to join a new playlist called "Vanguard Strikes Cross Play Beta".

"You’ll be matchmade with Guardians playing on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Stadia," Bungie explains.

"As you fight through the enemy waves of Darkness, our teams will be scouring data and performing a multitude of actions to test the integrity of our upcoming Cross Play system."

Unfortunately, you won't be able to party up with friends, meaning cross play at this juncture is entirely matchmade.

Destiny 2 Cross Play Beta: Rewards

Once players have cleared three strikes, they'll be able to earn a unique "Stars Crossed" emblem.

Check it out below.

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