Destiny 2 "Saladin's Gauntlet" Iron Banner Quest Guide: All Steps and Rewards

Iron Banner is back this week, but you'll need to chip away at a lengthy quest to be able to turn in your Iron Banner tokens to Lord Saladin.

"Saladin's Gauntlet" has multiple steps, and while they aren't too taxing, you may need to set aside some time for it.

Don't panic if you don't finish the quest, though – it'll remain in place for the rest of the season, so when Iron Banner returns you can pick up where you left off.

Before we begin, these steps are subject to change – we'll keep an eye on them and update if we need to.

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Destiny 2 "Saladin's Gauntlet" Iron Banner Quest Guide

Step 1 – Smelting Pot

  • Capture zones in Iron Banner – 10
  • Defeat Guardians – 30
  • Get Solar or Arc ability final blows – 5

You'll get this just by playing, really, and with a Solar or Arc subclass you'll likely nab those ability kills through a Super or two.

Step 2 – Sounding Bell

  • Capture zones – 20
  • Complete Iron Banner matches – 6

Step 3 – Live Fire

  • SMG final blows – 20
  • Defeat Guardians – 100
  • Capture zones – 30

If, like me, you've got a handful of SMGs from the current season, you'll burn through this fairly quickly.

While the 100 Guardian kills may seem a lot, remember that you'll have been accruing them in Steps 1 and 2.

Step 4 – Steady Drums

  • Capture Zones – 40
  • Super final blows – 15
  • Pulse Rifle final blows – 15

If you've got Bad Juju, now is the time to use it, but there are plenty of viable Pulse Rifles.

As for Super final blows, a roaming super can work well – but if you can bunch enemies together and unleash an unblockable Blade Barrage or Silence and Squall, that'll do just fine, too.

Step 5 – Gauntlet’s Chosen

  • Return to Lord Saladin

Now that that's done, you can turn in the huge amount of tokens you've probably earned throughout the course of this questline, and get yourself some sweet armour.


While the real draw for many is the tokens that can earn players the Iron Banner armour, the Time Worn Spire pulse rifle is also well worth pursuing.

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