Destiny 2 "Red Rover" Raid Challenge Guide For Deep Stone Crypt

Beyond Light added the excellent new Deep Stone Crypt raid to Destiny 2, and if you've finished it then you may be wondering how to complete the challenges.

We've already covered the Core Four one here, but the first challenge is still a mystery for some – Red Rover. Here's how.

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Destiny 2 "Red Rover" Raid Challenge Guide For Deep Stone Crypt

This challenge is based around encounter #1 – Crypt Security.

The objective is for all members of the raid group to take on the role of Operator at least once and shoot two of the panels on the lower floor.

It's not necessarily a difficult challenge, but your team's coordination will need to be tight.

Split your squad into two, and give each player a buddy.

Once someone grabs the Operator Buff, they'll shoot the targets identified by the Scanner.

Then their buddy collects the Operator Buff from the machine, shooting the next two targets.

Then, player 3 takes it, and so on and so forth. It's a bit like that old riddle about the Fox and the Eggs on the raft.

Be sure to drag it out as long as possible, as clearing all targets will force the encounter to end too quickly for every player to take on the Operator role.

Destiny YouTuber Ninja Pups has you covered, too:

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