Destiny 2 players will go underwater in Season of the Deep

destiny 2 season of the deep
Credit: bungie

destiny 2 season of the deep
Credit: bungie

Bit by bit Bungie is revealing more information regarding Season 21, officially called Season of the Deep, the second one of Year 6 which kicked off with Lightfall and Season of Defiance.

In the latest This Week at Bungie blog post shared on May 11th, the developers teased what's to come with a first-look trailer and the confirmation that Guardians will be going underwater in a returning Titan amid a distress call from Commander Sloane, who's making a return to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Players will finally go underwater in Season of the Deep

While they didn't go into full details, the video teaser shows Guardians responding to an emergency call from Commander Sloane, who has been absent from the game ever since Titan was removed with the release of Beyond Light in 2020.

There's a small shot of the iconic sea monster that the Destiny 2 community has been puzzled by since 2017, with many content creators coming up with interesting lore regarding this mysterious beast.

In the blog post, Bungie added the following:

Deputy Commander Sloane has returned. Something big is lurking in the depths (...) And we’re not kidding when we say we’re going under the sea

What this entails is yet to be seen. It could be a simple cinematic or a brand-new activity with some physics-based mechanics that will come into play with Season of the Deep. Maybe the seasonal artifact ends up being an oxygen tank? Who knows at this point?

Now, Guardians are famously known for evaporating when they come in contact with any body of water. Somehow they can't stand it, with their poor Ghost having to be hard at work reviving them every time they try to take a swim in those relaxing Cosmodrome waters. Seeing finally submerge would be a drastic change of pace, but one that many would welcome.

destiny 2 season of the deep armor
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Credit: Bungie
The new armour set looks sick!

Another interesting turn of events is the return of Titan itself, the Saturn moon was seemingly devoured by the Darkness and the Witness' army as he made his way to Earth to confront the Traveller.

Will the events of Lightfall have any relevant significance to what's happening on Titan? How is Commander Sloane seemingly alive and kicking despite being virtually abandoned by the Vanguard?

Fans will have plenty of questions, with them hopefully getting answers to at least some when Destiny 2 Season of the Deep hits on May 23rd.

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