Destiny 2 Player Finishes Legend Lost Sector In Just 34 Seconds

Destiny 2 was released in 2017 and since then, players already got their hands on the different game elements such as crafting weapons and items that can be used to take on the challenges present along the way.

And thanks to a bunch of these builds that Reddit u/CrispoKringle (thanks Gamerant) shared a clip of how they managed to finish the Chamber of Starlight Legend Lost Sector in just 34 seconds using a One-Two Punch Shotgun with Roaring Flames as a perk which dealt a ton of damage.

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Destiny 2 Player Finishes Legend Lost Sector In Just 34 Seconds

The 34-second finish done by the user also includes the time when the player reached the chest and opened it at the end of the Lost Sector. Another notable thing that helped the user take on this challenge that fast is the use of the Eager Edge sword which allowed them to do sword skating in the Lost Sector which made their activity faster than ever.

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