Atlus Hopes To Release Next Flagship Title In 2022 - Could Be Project Re Fantasy

In an interview, Atlus product manager Shinjiro Takada has recently outlined some of the plans for the company in 2022. Apparently Atlas are planning to release another big title in the following year. Potentially, Atlus could be finally showing more information about Project Re Fantasy after all these years.

According to a Famitsu interview as translated by Persona Central, Takada confirms that Atlus is hoping to show something big in 2022. "I chose “challenge” as the keyword for 2022, with the hope to release a game that will become a pillar for Atlus. All of us at Atlus are working hard to develop this game so that it will be interesting and satisfying for everyone, so please look forward to it." said Takada.

Following this statement, Takada also confirmed that he's taking a break after working closely with Shin Megami Tensei V and is hoping to show this next big title in the following year.

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Atlus Plans 2022 Release For Next Flagship Title

However, Takada wasn't clear on this title. So far, Atlus is planning to release Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Remastered on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Potentially, the developers could be the Project Re Fantasy.

Since 2017 Atlus has held off announcing more details about this major project that they've assigned to Studio Zero. This game will be loaded with director Katsura Hashino, character designer Shigenori Soejima, and music director Shoji Meguro. All of these Atlus heads are known to have worked on the Persona series up until Persona 5. Fans can be sure to expect something big once Atlus finally announces something about this next big title, hopefully in 2022.

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