When Will Destiny 2 Add New Crucible and Gambit Maps?

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Destiny 2 has evolved continuously since its 2017 launch, and while it originally launched lacking in content, there's so much now that Bungie has to put some of it in a content vault so we don't have huge file sizes and longer load times.

That's not to say it couldn't do with more meat on the bones, though - particularly when it comes to Crucible and Gambit maps.


As we approach Season 15, here's all we know about any potential additions.

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When Will Destiny 2 Add New Crucible Maps?

At the time of writing, Destiny's PvP suite, The Crucible, has had nineteen maps in total - nothing to be sniffed out.


Still, with locations being 'vaulted', that number has dwindled - with eleven being removed as part of Beyond Light last year.

That means we're down to eight, and the last additions were in Shadowkeep - the game's 2019 expansion.

Many have speculated that Bungie is preparing to add new maps in Season 15, since it's likely to be a long season that runs until The Witch Queen expansion, but it sounds like new locations are some way off according to a lengthy tweet thread from the Destiny 2's assistant game director, Joe Blackburn.

Blackburn explains that the team has been working on the game's PvP foundation first, and will add reprised Destiny 1 maps in Season 16, and a new map in Season 17.

Blackburn also noted there are new modes incoming, including a Trials of Osiris revamp in Season 15 and a the return of Rift next year.

Bungie has also nerfed Stasis in recent weeks, and combined with PvP changes to weapons and abilities, suggest we could get a larger PvP focus next season.


Hopefully, we'll find out soon.

When Will Destiny 2 Add New Gambit Maps?

Gambit is undeniably less popular than PvE and PvP, and that's a shame as I think there's a lot of potential.

Blackburn also commented on potential changes for Gambit coming in Season 16, with a focus on Heavy Ammo, the Primeval fight, and invasions.


It's a cool mode, but since arriving in 2018's Forsaken expansion, it's had six maps - two of which have been vaulted.

With four maps to choose from and the mode being less popular than its siblings, I don't hold out a huge amount of hope for any fresh additions - I think the best we can hope for is for the two that were vaulted to be cycled back in.