13 Jul 2021 1:50 PM +00:00

When Will Destiny 2 Add New Crucible and Gambit Maps?

Destiny 2 has evolved continuously since its 2017 launch, and while it originally launched lacking in content, there's so much now that Bungie has to put some of it in a content vault so we don't have huge file sizes and longer load times.

That's not to say it couldn't do with more meat on the bones, though - particularly when it comes to Crucible and Gambit maps.

As we approach Season 15, here's all we know about any potential additions.

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When Will Destiny 2 Add New Crucible Maps?

At the time of writing, Destiny's PvP suite, The Crucible, has had nineteen maps in total - nothing to be sniffed out.

Still, with locations being 'vaulted', that number has dwindled - with eleven being removed as part of Beyond Light last year.


That means we're down to eight, and the last additions were in Shadowkeep - the game's 2019 expansion.

Many have speculated that Bungie is preparing to add new maps in Season 15, since it's likely to be a long season that runs until The Witch Queen expansion.

Bungie has also nerfed Stasis in recent weeks, and combined with PvP changes to weapons and abilities, suggest we could get a larger PvP focus next season.

Hopefully, we'll find out soon.

When Will Destiny 2 Add New Gambit Maps?

Gambit is undeniably less popular than PvE and PvP, and that's a shame as I think there's a lot of potential.

It's a cool mode, but since arriving in 2018's Forsaken expansion, it's had six maps - two of which have been vaulted.

With four maps to choose from and the mode being less popular than its siblings, I don't hold out a huge amount of hope for any fresh additions - I think the best we can hope for is for the two that were vaulted to be cycled back in.