Destiny 2 Kindling the Flame Charged With Light Mod Guide: What It Is And How It Works

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Banshee, Destiny's resident gunsmith, offers a rotating selection of mods at his store in the Tower.

Some of the best of these are dubbed "Charged With Light" mods, but the game doesn't really explain what they do or how to use them.


Here's what you need to know.

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Destiny 2: Charged With Light Mod Guide

To use Charged With Light mods, you'll need to complete tasks that build a buff, which you can then "spend" in different ways using the requisite mod.


Some mods that allow you to become Charged With Light include Taking Charge (become charged by picking up Orbs of Power), or Empowered Finish (become charged by finishing an opponent).

Whatever mods suit your playstyle, becoming Charged With Light is only the start of the fun.

Destiny 2: Kindling The Flame Guide

So, you're charged, but why should you use the Kindling The Flame mod?


It's simple really. Reviving a teammate awards a healing boost to the Guardian reviving.

That may sound pretty basic when factoring in mods that boost abilities and shields, but you'd be surprised how useful it is.

When reviving a teammate during a tense Nightfall or Raid, for example, you can avoid that awful feeling of securing their safety before being gunned down yourself.

Better still, it can buy you a few key seconds in a sweaty Trials of Osiris map.