Destiny 2 How to Start Festival of the Lost 2021

Wondering how to start Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021? Starting this year’s festival is a bit different from earlier years for new players, thanks to Bungie putting some classic Destiny 2 content in the vault in 2020. Previously, new players only had to complete the Red War Campaign storyline to replace the Farm with the Tower.

Now, it’s not so simple.

How to Start Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost - Escape the Cosmodrome

Festival of the Lost revolves around the Tower. It’s Destiny 2’s main hub and also where you launch matchmaking activities, such as the Haunted Sectors of the Lost activities in this year’s festival.

Unlocking the Tower requires new players to complete the Cosmodrome section of Beyond Light. This functions like a tutorial of sorts. It’s rather lengthy and challenging, but also gives you a solid idea of what to expect from the game’s later challenges, including how to navigate the Lost Sector.

Once you’ve escaped the Cosmodrome, you should see the Tower icon show up on the map. You’ll have to head into orbit to access the Tower.

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Destiny 2 Eva Levante
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How to Start Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost - Speak with Eva Levante

Once the Tower unlocks and you’re free to roam as you please, speak with Eva Levante in the Tower region. She’ll give you an overview of the festival and your first mask. Wear this mask any time you begin an event activity, or you won’t earn any candy or other rewards for your efforts.

Festival of the Lost includes several activities, from Haunted Sectors of the Lost to new lore vendors and more, and runs until November 2. Grab as much candy as you can if you want the event’s new items, including the headline Legendary weapon, Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle.

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