Destiny 2 Essence of Vanity Quest Guide: Where Is The Horned Wreath On The Moon?

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If you're looking for the Horned Wreath for the Essence of Vanity on Destiny 2's Moon we are here with a guide to help you out!

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Where Is The Horned Wreath?

First head to the Moon and go to the Anchor of Light and look out for this large Turbine!

On the map, you'll find the turbine here! Head towards it and you're on the way towards the Horned Wreath.

You should eventually reach the Temple of Crota, this large rocky entryway.


Inside you will find this large structure behind a green lantern!

Inside turn right and you'll spot a doorway just ahead.

From here it should be a single-track road to The World's Grave, you've almost got the Horned Wreath!

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Keep going until you reach a seemingly dead end with a staircase on the right. Go up and into the doorway with glowing spikes above:

Carry on and you should eventually reach a dark area called the Chamber of Night.

Keep fighting through enemies and pushing forwards until you spot an open room with a giant ribcage in it:

Go into the caves on the left of the image above and you should see the marker for the Horned Wreath next to these glowing rocks!


On the map, you should show as being here. The map shows which area on the surface you are directly below so you can't use this to find the Horned Wreath straight away!

And that's how you complete this step of the Essence of Vanity Quest and find the Horned Wreath!