Destiny 2 Essence of Brutality Quest Guide: Where Is The Necromantic Strand On The Moon?

If you're looking for the Necromantic Strand for the Essence of Brutality on Destiny 2's Moon we are here with a guide to help you out!

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Where Is The Necromantic Shard?

Obviously, you'll have to head to the Moon, though specifically, you'll want to find this building in Archer's Line:

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If you're having trouble, here's the location on the map!

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With that, head through it and down to the left to spot this massive entrance to an underground Hive Lair.

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Head inside and follow the linear path down into the Hall of Wisdom, it shouldn't be too much trouble at all!

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The Necromantic Strand should soon be nearby. Go forward slightly from the above image and look right to see this glowing red spiky structure:

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Go across to it and slightly beyond to see this jutting out the ground.

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You should see the quest marker for the Necromantic Strand highlighted right next to it.

If you are having trouble you should show up on the map in this position:

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You'll be below ground but the map will show you which above ground point you are directly below and can act as a great guide!

We hope this helped you find the Necromantic Strand on the Destiny 2 Moon.

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