When Will Destiny 2 Get Cross-Platform Play?

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A new Bungie blog post from Joe Blackburn, Assistant Game Director on Destiny 2, has shed plenty of light on the future of the franchise.

Aside from promises about upcoming expansions adding more gear (in response to fan feedback about Beyond Light's anaemic loot pool), one bullet point confirms that Bungie is planning on adding cross-play in 2021.

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Destiny 2 Getting Crossplay In 2021

"Crossplay is coming in 2021," the blog notes.

That's a big statement for such a small line, but Bungie has hinted at it previously.

During the Beyond Light reveal stream they noted that they had intended on "doing the thing" (introducing cross-play) in 2021,

Currently, players can play with other users in the same console family (PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Series S/X, for example), but cross-play has been a community request for quite some time.

In prior years it felt almost impossible due to Bungie (and ex-publisher Activision's) various exclusivity deals with Sony, but since the developer became an independent studio they've begun enabling the likes of cross-save and cross-progression.

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