Destiny 2 Chroma Rush Guide: How To Get The Auto Rifle & God Rolls

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The Chroma Rush auto rifle made it's debut during the Season of the Splicer in Destiny 2. Given their rate of fire, auto rifles are one of the most sought after weapons in the game.

Personally, I can't really say that the Chroma Rush is the best auto rifle in the game. However, it definitely does pack a punch. Will I take it to PvP? No. But will I use it in PvE? Definitely.

Here's all you need to know about the Chroma Rush auto rifle in Destiny 2.


How to get the Chroma Rush auto rifle in Destiny 2?

There are a few ways in which you can get this weapon in the game. The first is by completing the seasonal activity known as Override. You get two chests after completing this activity. If you're lucky enough, you'll get this weapon on your very first run. If you're unlucky like me, then you'll have to go for a couple of tries.

Other than that, you can also get this from Umbral Engrams in Destiny 2. However, you'll need to focus these first. For the Chroma Rush, you'll want to focus your Umbral Engrams to Splicers Armory or Splicer Captain's Armory.

Completing the weekly challenges, and opening Splicer reputation packages can also help you land this weapon.


Chroma Rush God Rolls

While these rolls could depend heavily on your playstyle, here are the rolls that I'd recommend:

  • Corkscrew rifling
  • Accurized rounds
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Rampage

Corkscrew rifling and accurized rounds will give you an increased range with this weapon. Yes you won't be able to match up to any exotic scout rifles, but hey it's a decent range buff.

Sometimes, especially in PvP, it's all about getting that quick reload. Here's where the Feeding Frenzy perk comes into play. This perk gives a nice little boost to your reload speed everytime you get a kill.

And finally, Rampage is a perk that will give more damage for a short period of time with every successful kill.

With this loadout, you'll walk through mobs in PvE like hot knife through butter. I wouldn't recommend taking this weapon to PvP but if you choose to do so, this loadout will be of use.

Happy hunting, Guardian!