Destiny 2 Beyond Light: Why Has Bungie Locked Planets In A Content Vault?

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Beyond Light sees us link up with the Stranger from the first Destiny, while The Drifter and Eris will have key roles in the upcoming content update.

The expansion pack is slated to arrive later this year, but fans cannot wait for it.


Now, one YouTuber may have revealed some details about Bungie's content vault decision.



YouTuber Aztecross posted a video earlier this week titled "Why Beyond Light is essentially Destiny 3".


As noted by PC Gamer, Azetcross mentions the following when talking about Destiny 2's game director Luke Smith: "We have to take some of these planets off the map. Re-do them, re-code them, re-issue them."

This doesn't sound like the easiest of tasks, and it could very well explain why they are opting to use the content vault.

As well, it seems that if Bungie is committing to redesigning all of these planets; then there is no direct plan to release Destiny 3 anytime soon. 

For now, we will have to wait for Beyond Light to release on November 10, so we can get a better understanding of their decisions.