Destiny 2 Beyond Light Perdition Chest Location: Where To Find and Complete Europa Class Quest

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Beyond Light is finally here, and takes us to Europa in a search for Fallen leader Eramis.

As we noted previously, players will be reunited with Variks, who will send players hunting for "Aged Armor".


We've already covered how to get the first one, but one is hidden in "Perdition", a lost sector.

Here's how to find it. 

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Perdition Chest Location

It's worth noting that you'll need to have unlocked your Stasis abilities to be able to open the chest.

Starting off at the landing zone at Charon's Crossing, head toward Cadmus Ridge.

From here, head straight over this area to a Lost Sector on the diagonally right from your location on the map.


Look for the gap in the rocks, then slip through and follow a lengthy series of corridors until you come to a room with Harpies inside.

There, you'll also find the chest.

Check out this handy guide from Esoterickk below:

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