Destiny 2 Beyond Light Artefact Guide: How to Get It and All Seasonal Mods For The Fang Of Xivu Arath

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Beyond Light is finally here, and with it comes the Season of the Hunt.

And as is customary with Destiny 2's seasons, a new Artifact has been added to the game.

While these are often doled out as part of a quest that begins when players jump into a new season, this one is a little off the beaten path.

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Artefact and Seasonal Mods

First thing's first – you'll need to own the season pass for Season of the Hunt to be able to earn the artefact, so be sure you have it purchased and installed.

Once you're into the game, after you've completed your initial trip to Europa, you'll need to head to the Tower.

Here, head towards the gunsmith, Banshee-44, and look for an elevator which will take you to Zavala's office.

Interact with a computer there to claim the Fang of Xivu Arath, as Bungie continues to name things as bizarrely as possible.

The seasonal artefact allows players to tweak their Guardian's abilities by slotting mods in for various weapon types.

As you'd imagine, most of the mods this time around are based around the exciting new ice... sorry, Stasis abilities, as well as Solar.


All Seasonal Mods

Here's everything you can use to tweak your loadout:

Column 1 Weapon Mods

All of these cost one energy.

  • Overload Rounds (Auto Rifles)
  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon
  • Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle
  • Overload Rounds (Scout Rifles)
  • Anti-Barrier Submachine Gun

Column 2 Weapon Mods

All of these cost one energy.

  • Hand Cannon Targeting (Helmet)
  • Unflinching Pulse Rifle Aim (Chest)
  • Scout Rifle Targeting (Helmet)
  • Shotgun Dexterity (Arms)
  • Grenade Launcher Loader (Arms)

Column 3 Weapon Mods

  • Unflinching Hand Cannon Aim (Chest)
  • Pulse Rifle Loader (Arms)
  • Unflinching Scout Rifle Aim (Chest)
  • Shotgun Ammo Finder (Helmet)
  • Grenade Launcher Scavenger (Legs)

Column 4 Class Item Mods

These items have varying costs.

  • Momentum Siphon (Class Item)
  • Surge Eater (Class Item)
  • Unstoppable Schwarzschild Condenser (Class Item)
  • Thermal Overload (Class Item)
  • Spoils of War (Class Item)

Column 5 Powerful Mods

These items have varying costs.

  • Unstoppable Shotgun (Arms)
  • Pyretic Embrace (Class Item)
  • Berserkers (Class Item)
  • Abyssal Charge
  • Thermal Blooming (Arms)

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