Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy: Best Weapons And Class Guide For Crucibe And PVE

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is landing on March 10th and will offer a renewed focus on PVP content in the game's Crucible.

With that in mind, we've put together our list of our favourite PVE and PVP weapons in the game, but these are subject to change with the new season.

Destiny 2 Season 10: Best Crucible Weapons

The Last Word

One of Destiny's most famous weapons, The Last Word can be devastating in the right hands. It deals plenty of damage, but the key advantage it has over other hand cannon weapons is the rate of fire it has.

Players can "fan the hammer" to fire six shots in quick succession, easily able to take out another Guardian, and is particularly accurate without needing to aim-down-sights in close-to-mid-range combat.


One of the game's most infamous weapons, Thorn isn't quite the overpowered beast it was in the first game, but it still retains much of its power. Able to deal "damage over time", it can kill Guardians in just a few shots.

It can be tricky to acquire, but if you have it, you'll want to use it.

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Spare Rations/Luna's Howl/Not Forgotten

The final hand cannon recommendations for Crucible, Spare Rations has become a firm favourite for PVP fans. It hards hard, is accurate and is probably the best reason to play Gambit Prime.

If you've got Luna's Howl or Not Forgotten, these hand cannons absolutely shred through other Guardians in the Crucible.

As these aren't exotic pieces of gear, you can always add an exotic elsewhere in your loadout.


Dust Rock Blues/House of Wolves

A shotgun that seems to remain in the meta on a constant basis, Dust Rock Blues is one of the easiest guns to earn in Destiny 2 and is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile, House of Wolves is an exotic that requires a bit finesse.

Randy's Throwing Knife

It may be a couple of seasons old now, but this scout rifle is absolutely lethal but does require a sizeable grind to earn. There's also the MIDA Multi-Tool which remains a strong choice for scout rifle users.


A powerful SMG that can tear enemies apart in PVE or PVP, the Recluse dishes out plenty of damage at a fast rate-of-fire.


A fusion rifle with the ability to track enemies, need we say more?


The arrival of Black Armory in January of 2019 heralded the return of Machine Guns, and for our money, this one is one of the best.

Its recoil is manageable, and it deals plenty of damage with a sizeable magazine.

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Destiny 2 Season 10: Best PVE Weapons

Steelfeather Repeater

A new addition from the current season, you can earn the Steelfeather Repeater from the Sundial activity and it's well worth doing so for this auto rifle.


Arguably the most solid pulse rifle, Bygones has been a favourite for quite some time now. Another great option is the Bad Juju exotic, but it can be a grind to earn.


Monte Carlo

A melee-focused build's dream, the Monte Carlo's perk allows it to deal damage which then refills a Guardian's melee ability, allowing you to surge through missions with relative ease.

The Mountaintop

A grenade launcher that was a Pinnacle Weapon in seasons past, the Mountaintop is tough to earn but well worth it – capable of knocking boss enemies down with a constant barrage of explosives.


A hand cannon that's offered in Destiny 2's first story mission, Sunshot hits hard and deals plenty of solar damage. Add in the Exotic Catalyst, and it gets better at range, too.

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