Destiny 2 Best In Tower buff explained

Destiny 2 best in tower buff
Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 best in tower buff
Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2 players have welcomed the latest Guardian Games event with open arms as it's allowing them to farm the first Strand Scout Rifle in the game: Taraxippos.

As they continue to grind and accumulate medallions, medals, and high scores on the different Guardian Games activities, whether it's PvE or PvP, certain standout players have discovered something unusual: a buff called Best In Tower.

You might be wondering too: what does this do? Is it required for a special weapon of some kind? Do I get any benefits for trying to obtain it? Speaking of which, how do you even get to be called the Best In Tower?

Don't worry, as we're here to answer all those questions about the Best In Tower buff in Destiny 2.

Best In Tower Destiny 2 buff - How to get

Destiny 2 Best In Tower
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Credit: Bungie
A proper lightbearer that

As the name implies, the Best In Tower buff is handed out to special players while they travel to The Tower, Destiny 2's iconic social hub from which players can redeem rewards, pick up bounties, talk to vendors, and more.

Getting it is simple: While in The Tower, you must be the Guardian with the highest score in either the Shoot To Score quest given to you by Commander Zavala, or in the Vying For Supremacy one, which is handed to you by Lord Shaxx.

As you would expect, Zavala's quest is all about conquering PvE Guardian Games activities, meanwhile, Shaxx's focuses on the limited-time PvP mode Supremacy, which comes with an exclusive class matchmaking toggle during the event.

Best In Tower Destiny 2 buff - What does it do?

Destiny 2 Best In Class buff
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Credit: Bungie
Which class will take the Guardian Games?

You'll be disappointed to hear that the buff does in fact do absolutely nothing for you. No extra rewards while grinding, you don't get any damage or health buff, not even the ability to sprint faster while in The Tower like the Floor Is Lava easter egg.

All you get is a bright white glow around you and the crest of either the Vanguard or Shaxx's Crucible near you, as well as a small notification on the left side of your screen confirming that you are the Best In Tower.

Keep in mind that if a new Guardian joins The Tower and has a better score than you, you'll lose the buff. It wouldn't be fair if you got to keep it when someone's better than you, right?

Don't worry, though, if you want to try and regain your buff you can go back to Orbit and then log in to a new Tower. Alternatively, wait for the player that took your buff to leave the social space, and voilà! You'll be back to being the Best In Tower.

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