Destiny 2 Cryptolith Lure: How to charge the lure fast

After you’ve completed the “Trail of the Hunted” quest on the Moon, you’ll head to Spider’s safehouse at the Tangled Shore and become acquainted with a Guardian called Crow.

“Uldren Sov has been reborn as a Guardian and now goes by the name Crow,” the quest line’s in-game text explains. “After gloating over having this former prince in his employ, Spider proposes a mutual collaboration to deal with Xivu Arath’s infestation and offers Crow’s services as aid.”

No longer prince of the Awoken in the Reef, Crow’s become Spider’s personal enforcer — as well as your main point of contact for “Wrathborn hunts,” a new type of ritual activity in Season of the Hunt. These hunts have their own set of bounties, which you can get directly from Crow.

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Charge the Cryptolith Lure fast

After speaking to Crow and acquiring his bounties, grab the Cryptolith Lure from the table to his left. You should now have a pair of quest items in the Destiny 2 directory: “Hunt for the Wrathborn” (a quest) and “Cryptolith Lure,” the modified Hive artifact you’ll be borrowing from Crow.

To progress the “Hunt for the Wrathborn” quest and make the most of Season of the hunt, you’ll need to charge your Cryptolith Lure.

Crucible and Gambit matches will charge the lure, but strikes are the most efficient way to keep it charged. In fact, as YouTuber Esoterickk has discovered, the “Lake of Shadows” strike (in the EDZ) is particularly quick, thanks to the “Widow’s Walk” lost sector you can access along the way.

The main thing is to play strikes, land precision kills, and defeat powerful “yellow-bar” enemies whenever you get the chance.

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