Where is Crow in Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt?

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If you’re looking to find Crow and get started on Season of the Hunt content, you’ll first have to do a quick story mission on the Moon.

Osiris’s ghost, Sagira, has been slain by the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath, and now he’s on the hunt for revenge inside the Shrine of Oryx.


To get started, open the Moon inside the Destiny 2 directory and find a quest called “Trail of the Hunted.” It’s accessible by fireteams of up to three players, and the recommended power level is set at 1,050. You shouldn’t have any problems soloing this one.

Inside the Shrine of Oryx, you’ll encounter another Ghost, who goes by the nickname Glint. Since Osiris is without a Ghost of his own, now, Glint is concerned for the Warlock’s safety.

Make your way through the area until you arrive at the High Celebrant and a large number of Hive forces. Once you reach the end of the mission, a cutscene will play. Osiris, moments from death, will be saved by the former prince Uldren Sov — now a Guardian who calls himself Crow.

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Where is the Crow located in Destiny?

After the cutscene, you should arrive at Thieves’ Landing in the Tangled Shore. Head to Spider’s safehouse and talk to him to complete the quest.

“Uldren Sov has been reborn as a Guardian and now goes by the name Crow,” the quest line’s in-game text explains. “After gloating over having this former prince in his employ, Spider proposes a mutual collaboration to deal with Xivu Arath’s infestation and offers Crow’s services as aid.”

From here on out, you’ll find Crow hiding out in a dark workshop off to the left of Spider’s throne room.


Talk to him to progress further with Season of the Hunt.