Destiny 2 Season 16 Is Bungie's “Next Big Boiling Point”, Says Creative Director

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Destiny 2's upcoming Season 16 launches alongside the next expansion, The Witch Queen. Arriving on February 22, 2022, we've heard a few things about Bungie's plans and now, creative director Joe Blackburn's weighed in.

Speaking to Gamespot for a recent interview, they explained the team's approach to upcoming content. Calling Season 16 "the next big boiling point for us," Blackburn explained they'd had some trouble before with releasing new seasons alongside an expansion.


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Destiny 2 Season 16 Is Bungie's “Next Big Boiling Point”, Says Creative Director

Specifically, Blackburn confirmed:

I think Season 16 is going to be the next big boiling point for us. We've really had trouble with some of these seasons that come out right alongside the expansion. And so we've put a lot of thought and effort into how we want to do that better this time around. I mean, you, as a hardcore Destiny player, know that it can feel tough for the season to matter when it comes out a week [after the release of an expansion], and you've already got raid weapons, and you're like, 'I don't know if I need this--does this stuff really matter?'
So we're really excited to get Season 16 out day and date with Witch Queen this time and to have a lot of stuff for players to do and engage with, and really see the value immediately, not only to give you stuff to do while you're levelling up, but to give you stuff while you're prepping for some of those endgame activities.

As part of this new approach, Bungie's looking to make Destiny 2 more inclusive for both hardcore players and casual crews. Believing that a lot of this strategy "comes down to rewards," Blackburn believed they'd been "doing a little bit of robbing" to sort out good rewards for Raids, citing how casual players may be disheartened by going into the Vault of Glass alone.

Overall though, Blackburn sounds positive for Destiny 2's future, stating how the stuff they want to "keep pushing on" is finding a suitable content model. We've got a few months still until The Witch Queen's launch, but we'll keep you informed as we learn more.

Source: Gamespot