Bungie Teases a Major Death in Destiny 2’s Next Expansion

Destiny fans are no strangers to heartbreak. We've seen numerous deaths before but after 2018's Forsaken expansion brought saw Cayde-6’s demise, the stakes were suddenly raised.

Now, in preparation for Destiny 2's upcoming The Witch Queen expansion, we could be about to lose someone else. So far, we know that Guardians will be battling Savathûn, the Hive god of cunning and lies, who's managed to steal the light and bestow it upon her throne world.

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Bungie Teases a Major Death in Destiny 2’s Next Expansion

We'll be facing this threat head on, also taking on Hive Ghosts and ensuring their defeat. It's a grim sounding picture already, but what's got fans truly concerned is the return of Legendary sidearm Spoiler Alert. It's item description plainly states: "Someone is going to die."

We've not seen it at its current power level since Forsaken and speaking to GamesRadar, senior narrative designer, Nikko Stevens, stated "It's not a coincidence. That's all I'll say." The question now is, who are Bungie looking to kill off? Right now, we could only speculate, but we'll keep you informed as we get closer to The Witch Queen's launch.

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