Is Deathloop Split Screen?

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Since its announcement we've known that Deathloop will focus on a pair of assassins locked in conflict on an island where time loops constantly, but many have wondered how that multiplayer will work in practice.

With one player essentially solving a complex puzzle box of assassinations and another intending on ruining their plans, here's all we know about local multiplayer.

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Is Deathloop Split Screen?

As far as we know, local multiplayer is not part of the Deathloop experience.

With so many things to consider at once, it could be a case of narrowing player focus (and maximising screen real estate).

On the other hand, it gives Julianna players more of a challenge - no screen-peeking.

While Arkane could surprise us, rendering twice the game on the same hardware is likely to cause serious technical compromises, too.

Still, if you're looking for a couch co-op experience, maybe Arkane's next game, Redfall, will offer that. We don't yet know if it'll offer local multiplayer, but as a more PvE experience we'd wager it's a little more likely.