Deathloop: Tips For Killing Julianna

While playing as Colt in Deathloop you will sometimes be invaded by Julianna. She will be controlled by another player if you are online, or an AI if you are offline. Taking her down can be extremely tricky, but you do have some advantages to consider. Here's how to take down Julianna, so that you can move onto your main target. We'll also take a look at what type of loot she drops once defeated.

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Deathloop: Tips For Killing Julianna

Julianna can invade your game if you are hunting an active target. If you are in online mode, she will be controlled by another player, making her much more dangerous. If you're in offline mode, she will be controlled by the AI, and will only be able to tell where you are if you are found by enemies, or if you are in her direct line of sight. Either way, Julianna can be extremely difficult to deal with. Here are some tips to keep in mind while playing.

Stay Hidden

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Getting spotted is the easiest way for Julianna to find you. If any enemy's alert gauge goes red, your position is marked on Julianna's map. Focus on stealth, using shift and Aether to get around. Be extra careful of mines, turrets and cameras, as they will also give away your position.

Don't Leave Tracks

Consider focusing on your main target while being hunted, avoiding any unnecessary killing as you go. The other player will notice missing enemies, and can use them to find where you've been. Similarly, hacked turrets and sensors are a dead giveaway, as they turn green when hacked. Slip past them instead.

Bring Havoc

The absolute best piece of equipment you can have on you to fight Julianna is Havoc. It basically makes you invulnerable for a short time, allowing you to rush her, preferably with a shotgun. Havoc is a great way to get the upper hand and turn the tables when spotted. Lure Julianna in and then trigger it, before unloading everything you've got.

Watch the Skies

In my experience, most players stick to the rooftops when playing as Julianna, especially in areas like Karl's Bay and Updaam. Check rooftops as you go, and avoid being out in the open for too long. Look for sniper glints that might give her away, it's a common tactic used by other players.

Watch For Disguises

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Julianna can take on the appearance of any Eternalist. When she does so, her image is left with the enemy she swapped with. If you see Julianna walking around as an NPC, it means she is disguised. Look for any behaviour that is out of the ordinary for an NPC, like jumping, crouching and switching weapons.

Hack the Antenna Last

When Julianna comes into your game, she will generally spawn at the antenna. You'll need to hack this to leave via the tunnels, but don't go rushing in straight away. Players tend to camp the antenna for a while before starting their hunt. It's easier to hit it on the way towards an exit, especially as Julianna will be chasing you after a downed target. Hacking the antenna gives away your position, so you might as well tie it into your escape.

One Life

Finally, Julianna only has one life, whereas you have three. Use this to your advantage. Be aggressive whenever you are fighting, using everything you have to make sure each of your lives count. Remember that you can also stealth kill Julianna in one hit. Jumping down from above is a great way to do this.

That's all of our tips for taking down Julianna in Deathloop. For more help with the game be sure to visit our guide on the hidden safe in Updaam.

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