Deathloop Updaam Hidden Safe Walkthrough: How to Find All Three Glyph Combinations

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If you look underneath the main entrance to Alexis' Manor in the Updaam area of Deathloop, you will find a hidden safe. It has three triangle glyphs as clues, as well as a marked map to reference them with. It can be a nightmare to figure out this puzzle, which is why we've put together this Deathloop Updaam Hidden Glyph Safe Walkthrough. We'll explain how to find all three safe combinations, and let you know what you'll get for opening it.

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Deathloop Updaam Hidden Safe Walkthrough

Once you've found the hidden safe in Updaam, you'll be presented with the map shown in the image above. The safe requires three code combinations to open, each corresponding to a triangle. These triangles are shown as glyphs carved into the wall above the safe. You can view them in the image below.

Note the corners of each triangle. Let's start with the top one, which is already placed onto the map. One corner has two dashes on it, the one at the top. Below that is a corner with one dash on it and then finally one with no markings. This corresponds to the order that the numbers should be put into the safe as a code. The no dash corner number first, followed by the one with one dash, followed by the one with two dashes. Let's take a look at this first safe code.

First Combination


As you can see in the image above, I have separated out each of the glyphs to make it easier to find them. I have also labelled each corner 1-3, showing the order that the numbers should be entered. Each corner relates to a position around Updaam. Let's start with position 1.

There's a number spray painted onto the wall in this area. For me it is the number 7, it's possible that it may be different for you, as codes are randomised in most cases. If you're having trouble using the map to navigate, try using the library and Charlie's island as markers. For reference, the red buliding on the far right of the map is Alexis' Manor. The first code can be found near the large gate where the archives are kept. It near the RAK entrance here.

We're gonna moveonto the third number, as it's a lot easier to find. You can use a scope to see it, painted on the entrance to Charlie's game in this area. If you cannot see it you will need to come back to Updaam at Noon when the bridge is up. For me, the number was 7.


The third number is painted on the library, but you don't actually need it. You have the other two codes, and know that they comprise the first and third numbers in the first sequence. Therefore, the code is 7-?-7 here. Just plug in all of the possible numbers in the middle to get the first code, for me it was 717.

Second Combination

Moving onto the second safe code now. The first number is actually just the same as the third one for the first combination we covered. This was the one found at the entrance to Charlie's game, it was a 7.

The second number can be found on a wall outside Otto's workshop. It will have burnt down at Noon, so you can follow the smoke or use the map to track it down. It was a 2 for me, but may be different for you.


The third number once again is shared with the first triangle. Whatever you worked out as the second digit of the first combination goes in here. For me it was a 1. As the second combination shares two digits with the first, it won't take as long to work out.

Third Combination

Finally, we have the third combination. This triangle shares one digit with the first combination, and its order is harder to work out. I've marked the order on the image above. The first digit of this one is the number we used for the second digit of the first combination, in this case 1.


The second digit is easy to find here, it's very close to where the hidden safe is. Just exit the cave through the hole on the left side of the map (when facing it). You'll see a doorway with a set of steps, underneath the back entrance to Colt's flat. There's a number here on the wall. For me it was 6.

The final number can be found outside of Charlie's Moxie game, infront of the Tunnel Exit you go to at the start of the level. When you spawn, use the exit on your right to reach this area. It is along the southern coast side of Updaam. For me, the digit was 2.

This means that for me, the final codes to put into the safe were as follows:

  • 717
  • 721
  • 162

Safe Reward

After all of that trouble you will find that the safe has an object in it filled with Residium. It has 5750 Residium, a good bump. The good thing about this safe is that it renews every loop, meaning you can visit it to top up your Residium. You'll automatically know the codes now.


So there you have it, that'show to open the hidden safe in Updaam. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on taking down Julianna. Elsewhere there's our look at Harvesting Residium.