Deathloop: How to Collect Purple Glowing Items

When starting out in Deathloop you will come across a lot of purple/green glowing objects. You will not be able to interact with them at first, but you will soon come to recognise them as extremely valuable sources of a substance called Residium. Here's what you need to know, and how to unlock the power to collect Residium from purple glowing objects.

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Deathloop: How to Collect Purple Glowing Objects

The isle of Blackreef is littered with everyday objects imbued with a resource called Residium. They present themselves as glowing with a purple/green aura. When you first come across them you won't be able to interact with them. You will need to follow the main mission 'The Longest Day', until you visit Wenjie's lab and use her device. Colt will climb into a machine and kill himself. This then gives him the ability to harvest Residium from glowing objects.

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Once you have this power, just walk up to a glowing object and press and hold square. this will add Residium to your inventory, which you can use to infuse objects, keeping them around for the next loop. This is the main way to build a loadout between loops, so make sure you pick up any glowing objects that you come across.

That's how to collect the glowing objects in Deathloop. For more help with the game check out our guide on answering the Yerhva questions in Karl's Bay. Elsewhere there's our look at the Pact of Smoke.

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