Deathloop: How to Get Delivery Booth Codes and What They're Used For

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There's a delivery booth in each of the four main areas of Deathloop. They are locked with a code at the beginning of the game, but can be unlocked and utilised in interesting ways. to help you make the most of the Delivery Booths we've detailed how to get the unlock codes and also what you can use them for once they're open. You'll need to visit Fristad at Noon, so loop if you need to before we start.

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Deathloop: How to Get Delivery Booth Codes

What you may not realise at first is that the Delivery Booths all share the same code. Because codes are randomised in Deathloop, we cannot simply give you the code we found. It will be different for every player, so you will need to find yours. Start by heading to Fristad at Noon.

Start by taking the exit on the right as you spawn in the tunnels. This should open up to a large neon screen. Take out the enemies here or use Shift to get behind the large screen.


You'll now be looking down at the entrance to Fia's art studio. This is the main entrance, we want to head around back.

If you walk towards the main entrance you will see a small cave area to your left. Follow this around to the right until you reach the back entrance shown in the image below:

There are a few enemies to take out here, as well as a turret. Once you've cleared them approach the back entrance. there's a button you can use to step inside.


Look immediately to your right to see a window. Break in and look for a whiteboard with a four digit code on it. Write this down, Colt won't remember it automatically.

The first Delivery Booth is located back at the colourful screen we passed earlier. Use the code on it to open it up. This code can be used on any of the other booths as well.

What Do Delivery Booths Do?

Delivery Booths can be used to transfer certain objects to other areas of Blackreef. Interact with one, and select an item from the following:

  • Nullifier
  • Turret
  • Crank Wheel
  • Battery

Choose where to send the item, then head to a Delivery Booth to pick it up. This is a great way to bring special items around with you. You might need a Crank Wheel to open a safe for example, and this a guaranteed way to get one to spawn.

That's how Delivery Booths work in Deathloop. For more on the game be sure to check out our Pact of Smoke Walkthrough. Elsewhere there's our guide on sabotaging Frank's fireworks.