PS5 Drop Tipped For THIS Morning...Here's Where To Watch

Those still on the hunt for a PS5 could be in luck today as the latest rumours suggest that we're expecting a drop any time soon.

The tip-off, from PS5 Stock UK, claims that a new batch of exclusive emails was sent out to PSN Members to privately purchase a PS5 console for this Monday.

However, as is the case with these types of drops, they tend to open up to the public after a certain time...

In this case, it looks like the public drop will occur after 10 am, but just how long after is still to be seen.

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Credit: PS5 Stock UK

We'd recommend staying on high alert from 10 am and setting notifications on Twitter to ensure you're up to date.

It's also work following and signing up to our friends at Stock Informer to up your chances, and checking in on our daily updated PS5 UK Stock Tracker for all the latest rumours, tip-offs, predictions, and more.

Opinion: Will December Be A Good Month For Restocks?

Despite the shipments of PS5, we think that it will still be tough to get your hands on one this month, especially with the surge in demand for the console as we near the festive holidays.

From our experience, the best chances to get a console come with GAME and Amazon drops, with Argos delivering the goods too.

GAME drops in particular have proved fruitful as they tend to have a number of bundles that are, while more expensive, less popular and thus easier to purchase.

Amazon tends to drop only disc and digital versions, however, in time we may see more bundles appear with popular games such as FIFA 22, Call of Duty and so on.

We'll be back with you soon with all the latest, and best of luck out there!

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