GAME Dropped Confirmed For TODAY...Here's When

Those who may have missed out on the UK drops this week may have one more chance at redemption as GAME is now confirmed to be restocking today.

As usual, the announcement came via their Twitter account, but the exact time is still a mystery...again, as usual.

We do know, however, that GAME will be dropping this morning, but what time should you be on high alert?

Well, in the past we usually see GAME drop at around 10 am - 11 am, so we think it's highly likely this will follow the same pattern.

How To Increase Your Chances

There are a few tips and tricks you can do to increase your chances of bagging a PS5.

First off, you'll want to turn on Twitter notifications this morning so you can get quick access to a link.

You may also want to sign up for alerts on Stock Informer, which will ping you the second the drop is live.

Our top tip would be to go for the bundles, as they are less in demand thanks to their higher prices and added extras.

We'd say paying a slight premium and having a couple of DualSense controllers and a T-Shirt is worth it to secure your PS5.

Is This Our Last Chance?

It very well could be, at least ahead of Christmas, but we are expecting more drops to happen before the month is over, likely from smaller retailers.

We think 2022 will still see a shortage of PS5 consoles, so we're not expecting to see them become readily available anytime soon.

However, GAME drops have proved to be one of the best chances for those in the UK, thanks to their anti-scalping measures and numerous bundle options.

Best of luck out there, and we'll alert you on Gfinity Deals when the GAME drop is live.

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