New MacBook Air Release Date: When Will Apple Launch Its New MacBook?

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Rumours are now circling regarding a new MacBook Air from Apple, but when will it release?

Alongside the new MacBook Pro, Apple's new MacBook Air is one of the most anticipated laptops set to launch in the near future. When it does release, it will likely make its way onto our list of the best laptops.

So, with that in mind, when can you get your hands on the new MacBook Air?

New MacBook Air Release Date

Based on information from leakers, insiders, and analysts, the new MacBook Air could release in 2022.

In January 2021, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported a "thinner and lighter" MacBook Air could release in late-2021 at the earliest, or in 2022. Gurman then followed up in mid-2021 with a revised report suggesting Apple would release the MacBook Air during 2022.

Gurman is not the only source to cite a 2022 date. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated he believes the MacBook Air will release in the middle of next year.

DylanKT also noted on Twitter that the MacBook Air would launch in "the first half of 2022" alongside the next-gen M2 processor.

The MacBook Air may now launch alongside the Apple's rumoured M1X Mac Mini computer, too. Previously touted for a 2021 launch, LeaksApplePro reports the device has been delayed due to "marketing reasons", and will launch in 2022.

However, this release is always subject to potential delays regarding component shortages, which have already hit other Apple products pretty hard. Previous reports suggested Apple was having trouble procuring enough mini-LED displays for its products, although yields are expected to have now increased.

New MacBook Air Price and Pre-Order

The latest MacBook Air started at $1,299/£999 for the base model, rising in price for additional storage or extra RAM.

We wouldn't expect the MacBook Air M2 to go much higher than this price point. Otherwise, it could quickly compete with the new MacBook Pro laptop's price point.

However, a price rise does look likely. Apple's supplier TSMC recently told the company it would be increasing its prices due to higher manufacturing costs for iPhone 13 components (via Digitimes).

If similar supply chain price hikes hit the MacBook range, too, then Apple may have no choice but to raise its MacBook Air prices.

There is nothing currently out on the pre-order front, but these will likely go live immediately after the MacBook Air announcement. We'll update this page with links when it happens.

New MacBook Air Latest News and Rumours

Of the MacBook Air rumours, one of the most exciting pieces of information comes from Ming-Chi Kuo. The Apple insider suggested the Air will feature mini-LED display technology - the first MacBook to do so.

If aesthetics are all you care about for your laptop, then Jon Prosser has some good news on the new MacBook Air. His sources allege Apple will release the MacBook Air in multiple colours - similar to the recent iMac release.

While Prosser specifically mentioned green and blue variants, the iMac is available in seven colours. These are: silver, yellow, orange, purple, pink, blue, and green.

Kuo also corroborated these claims, stating the MacBook Air 2022 will come in several colours in "an all-new design."

We'll keep this page updated with any new information about the new MacBook Air when it comes.

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