Deal - Far Cry 6, Dying Light 2, And Sonic Colours Ultimate Pre-Orders For Their Lowest Price Yet In The UK

Far Cry 6, Dying Light 2, and Sonic Colors Ultimate all were revealed and given a release date this week and now you can get each of them pre-ordered for their lowest price yet via ShopTo UK.

Far Cry 6, Dying Light 2, And Sonic Colors Ultimate Pre-Orders For Cheap

All three games are anticipated releases this year and these discounts range from around £5 to £10 off the original price.

Far Cry 6 is set in Yara and features Giancarlo Esposito, promising the same bombastic action the series is know for with a guerrilla warfare story. Yesterday, the release date for the game was announced (October 7) and a new story trailer was shown alongside gameplay. You can see all the news from the reveal here.

There are the regular and Gold editions of the game to choose from. You can also get a Far Cry 6: Anton & Diego Castillo figurine as well.

Click on the platform of your choice to be taken right to the deal! You can save 14% on the Gold Edition, 19% off the regular edition, and 7% off the figurine.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human was re-revealed this week, giving us a look at new gameplay for the title and announcing the game is coming on December 7, 2021.

You can find the pre-orders below by clicking on the platform of your choice. This deal saves you 19% and shaves just over £11 off the price of the game.

Finally, we have Sonic Colors Ultimate, a remaster of the classic Wii and DS game. With visual upgrades, refined controls, and more, this remaster is the perfect time to dip back into the blue blur's franchise.

You can find the pre-orders by clicking on the platform of your choice. This deal will save you 15%, with just over £5 knocked off the asking price.

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