PS5 Stock BEST BUY: 16th April Could See A Restock...Here's Why

When it comes to finding PS5 stock, it's been tough all around, however, many have had luck with online retailer Best Buy.

At Gfinity Deals, we're always tracking the latest news with PS5 stock, with both US stock updates and for the UK, so be sure to check in with us if you're still on the hunt.

Here's everything you need to know if you're looking to bag the next-gen console from Best Buy.

PS5 Stock Best Buy

UPDATE 15 April

Best Buy is arguably a favorite to drop this week, and shoppers are on high alert.

The retailer, that doesn't tend to announce their stock drops, went through a period of dropping PS5's every Friday, so naturally, we're thinking after a week of radio silence, something big is coming.

@ps5stocknews tweeted a prediction earlier in the week which confirms our thoughts, but how likely is it to happen?

Well, we've seen drops from Gamestop, AntOnline, Walmart and of course the invite-only Sony Direct we wouldn't be surprised if Best Buy follows suit...

As always, stay on high alert!

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Week Commencing 12 April

Those expecting to get a hold of a console last Friday were left waiting, as rumours of a stock drop in line with past patterns didn't materialise.

As we enter a new week, after what has been a somewhat light month for restocks, we're now looking towards this Friday as a possible stock drop date.

Make sure to follow @GfinityDealsUSA for live announcements and feel free to check Best Buy right here!

What is Best Buy?

Best Buy is an online retailer that features a number of cracking deals across numerous products.

As far as the PS5 hunt is concerned, many have had positive experiences with being able to secure their chosen next-gen console.

We would advise, as with many retailers, creating an account to ensure maximum chances of getting a PS5.

Best Buy, like other retailers such as Target, release the console in waves, so don't be put off it shows out of stock once the drop is live.

Where to buy PS5 in the US?

There are loads of retailers you can get the PS5 from in the US.

Here are some of the key retailers worth checking.

Best of luck out there, and remember, speed is everything when trying to get a PS5, so don't forget to follow us @GfinityDealsUSA and switch notifications on!

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