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How To Find The Hatch In Dead by Daylight

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What new players don't realize is that even if you don't manage to get all of the generators done in Dead by Daylight, there's always the Hatch.


The Hatch is an interesting feature in the asymmetrical horror game, as there are different ways to interact with it depending on whether you're a Survivor or a Killer. Of course, your main concern in Dead by Daylight - regardless of the role you play - is how to find the Hatch in the first place.

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What is the Hatch in Dead by Daylight?

In Dead by Daylight there are Exit Gates that power up once you've completed all five generators. These help you escape. The Hatch is similar to an Exit Gate, as it helps you escape from the trial - but is only spawned in-game through certain circumstances.

How to spawn and find Hatch in Dead by Daylight

The Hatch spawns in depending on how many generators vs Survivors are left in the match. For example, if all four Survivors are still alive and all the generators are done, then the Hatch will spawn. Likewise, if there are no generators finished, but only one Survivor left in-game, the Hatch will spawn somewhere on the map.

The Hatch spawns work like this:

- 4 Survivors alive: 5 generators completed = Hatch spawns
- 3 Survivors alive: 4 generators completed = Hatch spawns
- 2 Survivors alive: 3 generators completed = Hatch spawns
- 1 Survivor alive = Hatch spawns regardless of generators completed

How to find the Hatch can be dependent on what items you bring into the match. One way to find Hatch is if you bring a Map. Maps are very useful, as some are specifically made for tracking Black Locks - which refers to the Hatch.


But don't fret, you're able to track the Hatch without a Map by using sound. The Hatch lets out a 'heavenly' sort of noise, almost like wind chimes. Follow the noise and you can use the Hatch to escape.

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How to stop Survivors escaping with Hatch in Dead by Daylight

As a Killer, Survivors escaping through the Hatch can be stressful. There are a number of ways to prevent this: equipping Perks to prevent Survivors from using Keys to open the Hatch, or by finding the Hatch first. Much like the Survivor, Killers are able to use the sound the Hatch makes to find and close the Hatch - preventing any sort of escape.

How to open the Hatch in Dead by Daylight

If a Killer has closed the Hatch, or if you've only got a few generators left and the Hatch has spawned, you'll need to find a way to open it. The way to do this is through the use of a Key.

Outside of a Broken Key, which is only used for aura tracking things like traps and Hex Totems, Keys are able to open the Hatch and allow you and other Survivors to escape. But be careful, perks like Franklin Demise will knock your Key out of your hand. To prevent this, we advise putting your Key somewhere safe and only using it when you need to.

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