How to Run in Dead by Daylight

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You'll be running a lot in Dead by Daylight if you play as a Survivor. Killers too can run, but unlike Survivors, you won't need to press a button to do so.

This can be confusing for players who either play one or the other, especially if you're new and haven't done the tutorial at the start of the game. But don't worry, we've got a quick explanation for new players who are just starting Dead by Daylight and aren't too sure on how to run away from the maniacal killers after them.

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How to run in Dead by Daylight on PS4/PS5

You'll be able to move with the left analogue stick when you're playing on PS4/PS5. To move at a sprint, however, you're going to need to press L1 button on your controller.

How to run in Dead by Daylight on Xbox

Like the PS4/PS5, you can use the left analogue stick to move around. To move at a sprint, press the LB on your controller.

How to run in Dead by Daylight on PC

Unlike on console, you move using the WASD keys in Dead by Daylight on PC, as well as using a mouse. To move at a spring, press the Left Shift button on your keyboard.

Why you should run in Dead by Daylight

You may think that being stealthy is always the best thing to do, but that isn't always the case. When a killer spots you, or if a teammate is on the hook, you'll need to run to get things done.

There is only one real downside to running: scratch marks. When you run, you leave scratch marks that the Killer can use to track you. There are some perks, such as Dance With Me and Lucky Break that can help with hiding your scratch marks for a little while.

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