Hooked On You console release - Will it be on PS4, PS5, Xbox, or Switch?

hooked on you, console

hooked on you, console

Murderers Island is open for business and is eagerly awaiting your arrival. But will the Dead By Daylight dating simulator release on anything other than PC? Here's our speculation about a Hooked On You console release.

Beware, mortal soul, those eager enticers that wait for you on the island. One wrong move and it might mean the difference between life, and a date, or death. The Wraith, Spirit, Trapper, and Huntress are your prospective beaus, and all have very different personalities and needs for you to attend to.

We've got a full list of who you can date right here, so you can choose your perfect partner. If you want to get back into Dead By Daylight, we've got codes and a tier list to help.

Will Hooked On You release on consoles?

Recently, in a Behaviour Beyond press event, developers confirmed that Hooked On You is exclusively a Steam title... for now. They did not elaborate on a possibility of a release on any other consoles, but they also didn't shoot the idea down.

For now, we will need to patiently wait to see if we can play the game on Playstation, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox. It also doesn't seem that you can get the game on Steam Deck yet, either.

Where can I play Hooked On You?

After some quiet waiting, Hooked On You got a surprise release on August 3, on Steam for PC. You can find it right here and get stuck in to your romantic getaway.

Interestingly, the game's Steam listing is titled 'Dead by Daylight: The Visual Novel', which suggests that other themes may appear, or new chapters - not just the dating aspect. Here's hoping we get a full cast of dateable killers!

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