Hooked On You - Can you date the Trickster?

The Trickster in Hooked on You

The Trickster in Hooked on You

Come one, come all to this mysterious island paradise filled with lovely people who are totally not murderers. These are your romance options. But, can you date the Trickster in Hooked On You?

The four lovely ladies and gentlemen available just aren't quite enough for players, and some are questioning if we can ever get that date with the Trickster in the new Dead By Daylight visual novel: Hooked On You, a murderer dating simulator.

We've got a list of who you can date, so you can choose your perfect partner if it isn't the Trickster. There's also a guide as to whether Hooked On You will get a console release. To help you get back into Dead By Daylight, we've got codes and a tier list too

Can we date the Trickster in Hooked On You?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot date the Trickster character... yet. Only the main four bachelors and bachelorettes are available for wooing - the Spirit, Huntress, Wraith, and Trapper.

Who is the Trickster?

The Trickster in Hooked on You
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The purple-haired and self-assured Trickster crops up early into the game, and continues to show up every now and again for a brief time.

He makes a point of telling you that he is the best catch, the 'biggest fish' on the island, and tells you to find him. He repeatedly asks you to go to the other island where he's playing his new song - he's a musician, don't you know - but he disappears before ever telling us how to get there.

Considering he's a side character, we learn a lot about him; he's a fan of intermittent fasting, has cheese-grater abs, and carries a blow-up bat. He offers us coffee, too, though you shouldn't drink it.

Will the Trickster be added as a date option?

Whereas players would rejoice if he was a dateable option, it is unlikely we will get DLC for a small game like this. As great as it is, it's just a bit of fun. Who knows though, maybe if the game proves to be popular, we'll get that fabled date with the Trickster after all!

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