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Dead By Daylight The Twins Build Guide: The Best Killer Perks, Powers, Add-Ons and Tips

The Twins are unique to Dead by Daylight due to them being two people, joined together at birth. Charlotte and Victor Deshayes make up The Twins, and were released alongside Survivor Elodie Rakoto.

The Twins are versatile and cunning, being able to be in two places at once and are capable of working together to unleash merry hell on the Survivors.

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If you want to understand more about The Twins, including their power, perks, add-ons, as well as which tips and tricks you can use to down Survivors, then this guide is the one for you.

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Dead By Daylight The Twins Killer Guide: Perks

The Twins have three unique perks that can be unlocked for other Killers via the Bloodweb.

  • Hoarder - You gain 2 additional Chests in Trial. When a Survivor interacts with a Chest or picks up an Item within 32/48/64 metres of your location, you receive a Loud Noise notification.

  • Oppression - When you damage a Generator, 3 other Generators begin regressing as well. If a Survivor is working on a Generator at the time, they will be given a difficult Skill Check. This perk has a cooldown of 120/100/80 seconds.

  • Coup de Grace - Each time a Generator is completed, this perks grows in power and grants you a Token. You consume one Token when you use a Lunge Attack, but it increases the distance of that attack by 40/50/60%.

Dead By Daylight The Twins Killer Guide: Power

The Twins' power is called Blood Bond.


With Blood Bond, Victor is able to separate from Charlotte by the player pressing and holding the Power button.

With Victor unleashed, you’re able to control him and go around the map looking for Survivors to attack. Victor’s Movement Speed is much higher than Charlotte’s and unlike his sister, he does not get picked up on Aura-based or directional perks like Spine Chill or Object of Obsession, making him very sneaky. The drawback to this is that he cannot see Scratch Marks, only the pools of blood Injured Survivors leave behind.

Victor can also check Lockers, jump through Vaults and Windows and actively jump and latch onto Healthy Survivors. When hanging off Survivors after a Pounce attack, Survivors will suffer from status effects like Broken, Oblivious and Incapacitated. They will not be able to do Generators, or leave through Exit Gates with Victor on their back. That said, even if you down someone with Victor you’re unable to pick them up and will have to switch back to Charlotte.

However, Victor does have downsides. While you do trigger Killer Instinct on Survivors when you’re controlling Charlotte and they run by Victor, there’s every chance that Survivors will hear his snarls and crush him. Once Victor is crushed, he has to regrow onto Charlotte before he can be used again.

As for Charlotte, she enters a Dormant state where she emits no Terror Radius when you control Victor. However, she can be knocked out of that state by stunning her either with a Pallet or a Locker.

Dead By Daylight The Twins Killer Guide: Best Add-Ons

The Twins add-ons aren’t the best, but they aren’t stupidly bad, either. There are some that make it more lethal to mess with Victor which can be played very well on small maps or paired with certain add-ons. Here are just a few add-ons you’ll want to try out to give The Twins an edge over Survivors.

  • Iridescent Pendant - With this add-on equipped, messing with Victor is a lethal thing to do. When a Survivor crushes Victor, they’ll suffer from the Exposed status effect. Pair this with the add-on Victor’s Soldier and you’ll be able to see the Aura of who crushed Victor for 6 seconds.

  • Cat’s Eye - This add-on stops Victor’s shrieks when his Pounce attack is fully charged. This is absolutely phenomenal when going against Survivors who are either on Generators or are Healing nearby. They won’t be able to know where you’re coming from and you’ll be able to get the drop on them.

  • Toy Sword - While this is just a brown add-on, it does reduce the charge time of Victor’s Pounce attack. This gives you more time to rush at Survivors, and when paired with an add-on that increases the time it takes for Survivors to kick Victor if he misses an attack, it has the chance to be a lethal combo.

  • Forest Stew - Ever wanted to zoom around the map at a ridiculous speed? Victor’s Movement Speed is already pretty huge, but with this add-on you can run very fast and block Survivors off from Windows, Vaults and even Pallets before they even know what to do. It’s incredibly useful and powerful.

Dead By Daylight The Twins Killer Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • If you’re going to use Charlotte to body block Pallets, make sure you don’t put her directly beside the Pallet. She can easily be stunned and when stunned, she’ll immediately be woken up and you’ll leave Victor vulnerable to being crushed by Survivors.

  • Victor isn’t as effective when pouncing on Healthy Survivors in any situation apart from when it’s necessary to try and block them at the Exit Gate. It’s always best to hit Survivors with Charlotte, then unleash Victor to pounce on them as he moves much faster and can catch up to his prey faster than his sister.

  • You can jump over Vaults and Windows as Victor, so don’t be afraid to try and make some ballsy moves. You’ll be surprised at how many times you’ll be met with success.

  • Victor is great at tracking Injured Survivors as the blood trails he sees are bright red and are quite big. Even if the Survivor has Iron Will, blood trails are impossible to miss and can be used against Survivors to pin them down.

  • Do not leave Charlotte parked somewhere in a corner of the map, especially on big maps like Ormond or Red Forest. This will make her take so much longer to get to downed Survivors and there’s a very high chance that other Survivors will pick someone up by the time you get there

  • Charlotte is great at blocking important Totems, but you should only do so when necessary and not at the start of a Trial. Instead focus on lethality by getting all Survivors Injured first, then go to protecting a Hex Totem if you feel you need to.
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