What time does Resident Evil come out in Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil

Dead by Daylight continues to be one of the more popular horror multiplayer games, if not the most popular, which is probably why Capcom let them use the Resident Evil license for some DLC rather than continue their efforts with Resident Evil Resistance.

Fans are pretty excited for the Resident Evil crossover with Dead by Daylight and for good reason since the characters and events from that series lend themselves to this game really well.

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What Time Does Resident Evil Come Out In Dead By Daylight?

In fact, fans might be too excited for the Resident Evil crossover with Dead by Daylight since a lot of them are wondering what time the DLC will be coming out, even though they know it will be released on June 15.

We suppose that fans are just excited to get their hands on some of the new characters and killers coming to Dead by Daylight so here’s what we know about their release times.

Previous DLC for Dead by Daylight would come out at 12 PM EST while the update for the game comes out earlier at 11 AM EST to get everything ready beforehand.

So if you’re awake till 12 AM waiting for the Resident Evil DLC to come out, chances are that it’s too early so take some time to sleep while waiting.

No matter what time you wake up the Resident Evil DLC will be waiting for you and it’s not like Capcom will be pulling that content from the game anytime soon.

Dead by Daylight is now available on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC with the Resident Evil DLC coming to all those platforms on June 15.

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