Dead by Daylight Overhaul Coming Soon Alongside Huge Perk Changes

Behaviour Interactive's asymmetric horror title Dead By Daylight is getting a sizeable overhaul of its core systems, perks, and UI after plenty of teasing.

In a new statement from the studio, the team revealed a series of changes that will affect both killers and survivors.

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Dead by Daylight Overhaul Coming Soon

A new UI will incorporate a new HUD that makes it easier to identify acquired perks and items, and will also allow an at-a-glance look at the health of other survivors and the number of generators remaining.

Streamers can also customise the HUD to ensure no critical elements are lost when using overlays.

Matchmaking is also getting big changes, with the idea being to include "rank rewards" in the future.

“Since ranks will no longer be used for matchmaking, they will instead be repurposed to reward dedicated players. Each month, everyone will be given Bloodpoints based on the highest rank they’ve reached and then be reset to rank 20,” the post reads.

There are also graphical overhauls coming to the Crotus Prenn Asylum and Gideon Meat Plant maps, too.

Perks are also being looked at – here are all the changes we know of so far, courtesy of the post.

Perk Changes


Diversion has found its way into the hearts of many people in spite of not being particularly powerful. We believe that the world should have more pebbles. With that in mind, we are reducing the time taken to activate Diversion and simplifying its perk tiers to make it more useable at lower levels.


Don’t you hate it when you get hit so hard that you forget how to walk slightly faster? Us too. Fixated will now remain active even if you’re injured. 


We’ve been watching this one closely, and there’s a few things we’d like to address:

Transferring the same Hex multiple times can get out of hand: Hexes are meant to be strong perks that can be destroyed, and having to destroy the same Hex four times can be a bit much.Since tokens aren’t transferred when a Hex changes totems, Undying was unpopular with perks other than Ruin (which does not have any tokens and is immediately at full power).Having aura reading on all totems also made it a very powerful tracking perk on top of its other effects, and is a little redundant with Hex: Thrill of the Hunt.With this in mind, we are making three changes to Hex: Undying:

Any time a Hex totem is cleansed, it will replace the Hex: Undying totem. Hex: Undying is then deactivated. This ensures that the first totem cleansed is never your other Hex perk.Any tokens you’ve already accumulated are now kept when the Hex perk transfers totems. This way you’re not starting from scratch part way through a match.Aura reading only applies to dull totems.We hope this makes Hex perks other than just Ruin more appealing when used with Undying. 


It could be very difficult to follow up and hit a Survivor within 15 seconds of them exiting a locker, so we are increasing the duration of the Exposed effect to 30 seconds. 


Open Handed makes for some interesting builds, but the low values meant that you needed to convince other Survivors to stack it to see any noticeable results. To make this a more appealing choice, we’ll be increasing the aura reading range bonus to 8/12/16m, but limiting you to the effects of one Open Handed at a time to prevent it from getting out of hand.

To that one friend who really didn’t want to run Open Handed but did it anyway because the rest of the group wanted to, you’re welcome.


Another simple one: We’re reducing the time it takes for Second Wind to heal you after being unhooked.

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